Plan to rejuvenate Victoria Road Marrickville gets Approval to Proceed (17 March 2016)

Local resident and business owner, Susie Danias welcomed the NSW Government’s decision to support a Planning Proposal to rejuvenate Marrickville’s Victoria Road Precinct.

For over four years the Victoria Road precinct has been the subject of several studies looking at how the run down precinct can be rejuvenated. Late last year Marrickville Council resolved to support a revision to it’s planning and zoning controls to allow a greater range of uses but to also ensure the precinct remains a centre for local employment.

The Department of Planning and Environment has now issued a Gateway Determination supporting the planning Proposal acknowledging that the proposed rezoning has strategic merit and should proceed subject to some conditions being met.

The positive determination vindicates the Council’s and the landowner’s proposal to create a new living and working hub in Marrickville.

“Victoria Road is the main gateway for Marrickville, but over recent years significant parts of the Precinct have grown tired and in many cases derelict” Planning consultant Sean Macken said.

“Most of the traditional industries have left leaving the area very run down with many buildings empty”.

Under the draft Plan, which now has the support of by both the Council and the State Government, much of the precinct will be rezoned to permit a greater range of cleaner and greener industries.

In parts of the precinct, near existing residential areas and Marrickville Public School, less heavy industrial uses will be encouraged such as show rooms, local cafes and art studios.

“While many of the existing heavy industrial uses will remain, there is the opportunity to attract newer industries and enterprises that will better fit the needs of the local community. Industries such as the creative arts, education, and office based employment” Sean Macken said.

“In areas in the southern part of the Precinct that are less affected by aircraft noise some residential and mixed use will be permitted although over 80% of the Victoria Road precinct will remain reserved for employment uses only.

“We’ve been working with Council staff and Planning Departmental officials to resolve some of the complex planning and environmental issues in the area and the draft Planning Proposal reflected the many studies and input from a range of Council and Government agencies.” Sean Macken said.

The Gateway determination has highlighted some further issues that need be addressed such as preserving some of the industrial heritage of the precinct and ensuring better transition between the proposed residential development and the industrial precinct. These will be addressed through further studies.

The next stage is get the local communities view on how the plan should be implemented.

“Community input is going to be essential to implement the vision of creating a vibrant, active and green hub as well as resolving how we can create new jobs and new industries while providing a buffer for the surrounding residential areas” Sean Macken said.

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