Press release:

Plans for Rich Street Precinct lodged

Following the new approved zoning controls for the Victoria Road Precinct, Danias Holdings are lodging plans to develop a new commercial and creative industries centre.

The first major development of the Victoria Road precinct is going to be a new creative arts and innovation precinct centred on Rich Street and adjacent to the Factory Theatre.

“The community told us that they want to ensure the precinct supports the existing creative arts community”, Mr Macken said.

The Rich Street proposal will see over 13,000m2 of new floor space dedicated to the creative arts, new start-up industries and local offices.

“During the consultation process, local artists repeatedly told us that while they like the area, getting suitable accommodation was often a problem. That there was difficulty getting security of tenure, that many of the old warehouse where either too big or too small or not suitable to what they wanted to do”.

“Rich Street will be designed to meet the needs of local artists. There will be a mix of floor plates to cater for different creative industries, from small studios to larger workshops. There will also be open plan spaces, so artists can collaborate and share ideas”.

“Most importantly, the place will be affordable, allowing artists and creatives an easy way to get a foot in the door”.

“Having a purpose-built place, with long term security of tenure, is essential if the Marrickville creative arts community is going to have a future long term”, local artist ???? said.

“Up until now we’ve had to make do, in disused warehouses, or in industrial parks. Places that often lack proper noise insulation, or even fire escapes”.

“Because of this it was often limited what you could do. You couldn’t always exhibit your works, provide training or share ideas”.

Once completed, the Rich Street precinct will provide space for up 500 artists, musicians and creatives, making it the largest arts precinct in Sydney.


For more information contact Sean Macken 0417 238 212.