Press Release 


The rejuvenation of Marrickville’s Victoria Road begins.

Local businesses and landowners welcomed the NSW Government giving the final tick to the Victoria Road Precinct, by rezoning the area today.

The rezoning brings into force new planning controls which were developed in collaboration with local landowners, the former Marrickville Council and the local community.

The rezoning will drive the precincts evolution and transformation into a vibrant, mixed use area with new housing, increased employment growth and diversity, new creative industries and new and improved open space and community uses.

For over six years, the Victoria Road precinct has been the subject of several studies looking at how the run-down precinct can be rejuvenated. It been subject to two extensive community consultation process and been reviewed twice by the Department of Planning and Environment.

“Victoria Road is the main gateway for Marrickville, but over recent years has grown tired and in many cases derelict” Planning consultant Sean Macken said.

“The former Marrickville Council had identified the area as needing change as long ago as 2011. Since then we’ve been working with residents and landowners on what this change might look like”.

“We’ve worked closely with successive Councils, and through extensive community engagement to develop the final plans which have now been made law by the NSW Government.”

“The Plans were exhibited twice to fully engage the locals and ensure the final scheme met the communities hopes and aspirations.” Mr Macken said.

Under the new Plan, part of the precinct will be rezoned to permit a greater range of cleaner and greener industries.

In parts of the precinct near the existing residential areas and Marrickville Public School, less heavy industrial uses will be encouraged such as galleries, local cafes and art studios.

“While many of the existing heavy industrial uses will remain, there is the opportunity to attract newer industries and enterprises that will better fit the needs of the local community. Industries such as the creative arts and innovative start-ups” Sean Macken said.

“In areas, less affected by aircraft noise, some residential development will be permitted, although over 80% of the Victoria Road precinct will remain reserved for employment uses only.

Overall, it is expected that around 1,100 new dwellings and up 6,000 new jobs could be created by 2036. It will also provide the biggest increase in affordable housing in Marrickville in 50 years.

“We’ve been working with Council staff and Departmental officials to resolve some of the complex planning and environmental issues, as well as to incorporate the local community’s views”.

“Community input has overwhelmingly supported changes to the precinct with an unprecedented, 68% of submissions supporting the final scheme.” Sean Macken said.

For more information contact Sean Macken 0417 238 212.