Our vision for the Victoria Road Precinct is of a vibrant, diverse and sustainable mixed use precinct, enabled by a new urban framework that provides pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular travel , interesting and appropriate built form, high quality public spaces and access to all the amenities that will make the precinct a highly desirable place to work and live.

A key outcome of the planning and design process is to facilitate the Marrickville precinct’s evolution and transformation into a vibrant mixed-use space.


The re-zoning and renewal of this precinct provides the opportunity to make significant improvements to the public domain, develop new residential communities and increase employment opportunities. New retail and commercial space will provide a critical mass to support emerging creative and technology businesses that are attracted by affordability and flexibility.


It is envisaged that Victoria Road will become an active mixed-use street, providing a connection between the established village centres of King Street, Newtown (to the north of the precinct) and Marrickville Road, Marrickville (to the south), giving a distinctive identity to the neighbourhood, and providing a strong link to existing parks and proposed open-space areas.


The district has become beacon for creative hotspots such as theatres, studios, art galleries and entertainment production businesses. The vision aims to foster this trend and encourage the creation of a local artistic and creative hub.

Existing open spaces and parks within the precinct will be updated as green, active and attractive public places. New parks, large and small, will be introduced to enhance the public domain. There will be a rotating program of community events as well as passive spaces.

As the precinct will be reshaped over a 10- to 15-year horizon, the proposed design — with its mixture of uses — allows for an organic transformation, so that there is some melding between the current and new uses during the transition phase.

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